Friday, December 21, 2012


Weird Template...and Time's "Person of the Year"

First, apologies for the weird "bare bones" gray format of my blogs now (absent a blogroll, archive, and other links). I have no idea what's up with that. I assume it's some Blogger issue that will eventually be corrected. I could look into it more but just don't have the time. At the bottom of this page is a barely noticeable link to the normal web page format.

Now; 'a brief comment on Time Magazine's brilliant choice for "Person of the Year" (asshole alert):

Obama has been chosen as Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"...again

What utter nonsense. I particularly like the flourish of a rare "silver boarder." I mean, after all, he is god, isn't he?

I realize that a million reasons can be conjured as to why this is a good or acceptable choice but fortunately, not everyone is drinking the koolaid.

It could be decades or even centuries, but someday our time will be laughed at for being so gullible in following a Pied Piper who can barely play a scale. In fact, dissonance is the order of the day with this clown.

The "Obama is my lord and savior" crowd should hide their heads in embarrassment at this point.

Absolutely pathetic.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Rambling Observations on Modern Art

(I found this snippet of thought I had written when responding to a friend regarding an essay on Modernist art. Since it's "the holidays" ...and Christmas season, I've been rather slack on posting anything so this may fill in some space).

Have a Happy Whatever!


...Superbly written and damn insightful (I think). Positions such as his are often refuted with the implicit suggestion that any condemnation of modernist expression can only be a position taken by philistines who lack "open-mindedness.". I've always taken the stand that things of substance are not relative, that genuine quality and depth can be quite real - and, more often than not - obvious.

I certainly wouldn't write off some of the great contemporary works. A lot of modern architecture in particular is amazing (often due as much to technological advancement). But...the guy who wrote the essay covered things in ways I could never effectively argue but instinctually know to be obvious. So much of the modernist mindset seems more inspired by self adulation over its contempt for substance than any real attempt to depict new levels of beauty, tragedy, or anything in between. It's as if they're simply flipping the world off and think they've made a profound comment on existence. Framing the Virgin Mary in excrement as one artist did (usually referred politely as "dung" as if that makes it less shitty) really isn't all that impressive I think. If the artist desired certain colors and textures, certainly mud would have sufficed. And, it can't be one of those phony "truth to power" gimmicks considering that self-censorship is the rule of the day when critiquing more volatile and aggressive belief systems ("truth to power that also keeps you safe" perhaps)...


p.s. re: the recent shooting tragedy. 'Absolutely horrible. Nothing can be said beyond that.

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